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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Warped Priorities in Dealing with Racist Mob Violence

In New York, we call it "wilding", the phenomena wherein a large violent group of young black people go on a brutal rampage causing property damage, committing thefts and viciously assaulting specifically non-black people, usually while screaming racist epithets at their victims. Elsewhere, they are now being called "flash mobs" which is sick because the term used to connote images of joyful people spontaneously singing and dancing in public places and now is co-opted to describe horrible atrocities committed against innocent people. Whatever you want to call it, it is black racist mob violence and it is on an alarming increase all across America.

It's the racism that everyone pretends doesn't exist, as I wrote here the other day, even recounting my own painful experiences, and the fact that so few are willing to honestly discuss the problem is what is making it all the more dangerous. Via Kyle Rogers at Charleston Political Buzz at
Recently, editors for the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune have all publicly admitted to censoring black crime. They all said they justified it to protect blacks from being stigmatized. In his recent undercover videos, LA Lawyer Ben Shapiro recorded the creator of the TV show COPS stating the same thing.
All have decided that political correctness is more important than public safety.
No one has ever claimed that censoring information about crime makes the public safer. So why are major media bosses justifying all of this censorship? It is time to put public safety above political correctness and confront crime as it happens.

If media, police, and politicians do not openly and honestly confront the growing trend of brutal black on white crime things will only get much worse. It will also severely poison race relations in this country. Censorship is never justified when it puts the public in danger. READ THE WHOLE THING
Right now incidents in the Philadelphia and Chicago (read about and see video concerning the police cover-up involving a mob attack at a Chicago beach at Backyard Conservative) areas are getting the headlines, but this has been happening in New York as well, and for quite some time. Here's a video of one such event last month at a Manhattan Dunkin' Donuts:

Disaster Preparedness Blog has a collection of these thug mob videos, some advice, and also a warning for us all:
As we have seen over the course of the last year Flash Mobs have turned violent or have been used to carry out violence and other crimes. They have been an issue in various cities particularly in Philadelphia, Chicago and St. Paul as well as several others.
Flash mobs have also been targeting retailers to commit brazen acts of intimidation and theft. Everything from convince stores, to Macy’s, CVS and most recently Sears have been targets of these type of Flash Mobs.
If you are a retailer especially with a presence in a mall the Flash Mob should be something that concerns you. Be sure to discuss this with your employees and consider adding this to your list of risk exposures and work with your security personnel so they are also aware of the issue.
We are also concerned about the potential for other groups to use Flash Mobs for more violent acts, including terrorist attacks. MORE HERE
Of course as an anti-jihadist, that last sentence really worries me, let's not forget all the lovely black muslim terrorists who have repeatedly tried to kill us for jihad.

Last Saturday, a racist mob black of thugs rampaged in Philadelphia and among the injured is a young lady who writes for The Onion who ended up with a broken leg. Ironic Surrealism has the story HERE. has a chilling account of Saturday's violent black racist mob attack in that city, (The Gateway Pundit has Video) here is an EXCERPT:
Maria and Cecilia were enjoying their dessert at Max Brenner, with its large, open bay doors. Afterward, Maria, an interior and industrial designer, had planned to visit a Northern Liberties art exhibit. Cecilia was heading home.
The women had spent the afternoon dress shopping. Maria is getting married soon.
About 10 p.m., Maria said, she saw a shirtless teenager run past the restaurant.
"He was running in the middle of the street and looked like he was running away from someone," she said.
Maria tucked away her phone and wallet, which had been sitting on the table.
She grew up in Brazil, she said, and was more street-smart than her cousin.
Before she could tell Cecilia to put her cell phone away, another teen reached through the window and snatched it.
Maria ran out after him.
She was on the sidewalk, starting to scream "thief," she said, when someone from behind punched her in the jaw.
She said she turned, jaw throbbing, to see the girl who had hit her standing with five other teens. "What are you going to do?" she said the girl who had punched her yelled.
The teens were laughing, she said. "They were fearless. It seemed like they weren't taking anything serious."
Maria ran into another restaurant and called 911.
The girls in the group called her a slut as they left, she said.
The police arrived quickly. Another customer at Max Brenner, a 32-year-old woman from Delaware who was with her 7-year-old daughter, had also been robbed. Someone had reached in through a window and snatched her phone, according to police reports.
"Would you be able to identify them if we find them?" an officer asked Maria, referring to the teens.
Yes, she said.
The three women and the young girl got in the back of a police cruiser.
At 11th and South Streets, they saw the pack. The teens didn't run. "They were laughing," Maria said, "like nothing was happening."
Maria identified Hamilton and Rockymore for police. One of the teens had already sent a text from Cecilia's phone, she said. "Hangin in the da hood," it read.
Terrance Howard, 20, of Frankford, was arrested after being found to have the Delaware woman's phone, police said.
Police are still investigating two other attacks by teens leaving the festival, including one that left a woman hospitalized with a broken leg.
Officials rejected characterizing Saturday's attacks as "flash mob" assaults, because, they said, they had not been coordinated through social media. Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey promised the department would pursue stiff penalties for similar teen violence. READ IT ALL
Speaking of the Philadelphia police response, they are publicly expressing concern - but it isn't about the violent thugs, no, the cops are worried that the intended victims will fight back and defend themselves against the marauding bands of black racist criminals
UPPER DARBY, Pa. - As police in Upper Darby, Pa., search for more young people involved in last week's flash mob, more adults are thinking about arming themselves with guns.
People are talking about how afraid they are of being caught in the path one of these flash mobs while they're out minding their own business, and they want to be ready.
Law enforcement officials say it's a nightmare in the making because ordinary, private citizens are getting gun permits. MORE HERE
The article states that cops are worried that one of the intended victims will hurt or kill their assailant, who might be a minor. Those are some jacked up priorities, if you ask me.

Over at AmmoLand, Richard Pearson dismantles the arguments against allowing innocent people to protect themselves from violent mob attacks, using Chicago violent incidents for reference:
Case in point – the recent upswing in violence on Chicago’s north side committed by so-called “flash-mobs.” I don’t think flash-mob attacks would go over very well in South Dakota. Yet, Chicago politicians and the press are essentially suggesting that folks should take flash-mob violence in stride like any other Chicago summer tradition.
For those of you unfamiliar with what a flash-mob is, let me just say that a flash mob is certainly not something that any of us ever wants to encounter. Essentially, a flash-mob is a large group of young people who use the Internet or smart phones to arrange to meet in a certain
place at a certain time to engage in criminal activity – usually retail theft or beatings and robberies of unsuspecting citizens.
The whole flash-mob issue first came up on Memorial Day when Chicago’s North Avenue Beach was shut down and evacuated due to flash-mob violence up and down the shore.
A week later, another flash-mob attacked and robbed several persons in the Streeterville area just steps off of the fashionable Magnificent Mile shopping area.
At first, Chicago city officials dismissed these flash-mob events as isolated incidents. However, it was later revealed that organized flash-mob violence on the north side had been going on for more than a year with little publicity.
Anyone who has read about the tactics of flash-mobs knows that the people who participate in such activities are like a pack of wild animals totally devoid of humanity.
Flash mobs are organized specifically to overpower victims without warning with the mob disappearing before the police arrive. Difficult to detect, difficult to control, difficult to apprehend – flash-mobs are effective and dangerous criminal enterprises.
Like many of you, I feel that flash-mob violence is a perfect example of why Illinois needs to pass concealed carry. There is absolutely no excuse for the legislature to deny honest citizens the means of protecting themselves and their families from these roving gangs of thugs.
Shortly after the flash-mob activities were made public, the ISRA issued a pair of statements condemning flash-mob violence and suggesting that concealed carry was a possible solution to the problem.
As you might expect, the ISRA statements sparked a lot of howling from the gun control movement and their pals in the anti-gun press. The anti-gunners were quick to condemn the ISRA’s suggestion, pointing out that the flash-mobs only rough up their victims and steal wallets and electronic items without inflicting life-threatening injuries.
When bashing the ISRA’s position on concealed carry, one chuckle headed editor of a political tabloid made light of flash-mob violence by suggesting that protecting an iPod is not justification for shooting a flash-mob participant.
On that point, I would like to remind everyone once again that the ISRA has never advocated shooting someone who snatches one’s purse, picks one’s pocket or grabs a chain or iPod and runs away. The state’s deadly force laws are quite specific. The ISRA supports the use of deadly force only in strict accordance with state law.
I’m not sure, but I’m willing to bet that none of these flash-mob attacks began like this, “Excuse me, sir, my friends and I are taking donations of gently-used iPods to raise funds so that our choir can go to Washington and sing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.”
On the contrary, flash-mob attacks are swift and brutal, with the victim(s) having little warning of what is about to happen to them. All the victim knows is that they are being savagely attacked by an overwhelming force of aggressors. Under state law, it is conceivable that the use of deadly force by the victim of a flash-mob would be authorized as the victim may believe that he or she is at risk of serious bodily injury or death. As we all know, a defensive firearm is one of the most effective means of applying deadly force to an assailant.
As is usually the case when concealed carry is discussed, the gun controllers trotted out their laundry list of lame excuses for why things would only “get worse” if the victim of a flash mob were armed.
We heard the old excuse that the assailants would certainly overwhelm the armed victim and take their gun away from them – a situation that the antigunners say would be “worse.” Well, pardon me for not grasping the logic of that assertion. Yes, it would be a bad thing for a criminal to disarm the citizen. However, is it really “worse” to get shot to death with one’s own firearm than it is to be beaten to death by a bloodthirsty mob?
Yet another excuse floated in opposition to concealed carry was that an onlooker might get shot if the victim draws a firearm. Indeed, that would be an unfortunate case. Yet, in my mind, the wounding of a bystander would be the fault of the flash-mob and not the fault of the original victim. I do not accept the antigunners’ notion that the victim has an obligation to lay down his or her life just to reduce the damage inflicted by the flash-mob.
An equally outlandish assertion floated by the gun controllers was that drawing a firearm on a mob of 20 attackers is pointless because the victim is so outnumbered. Let us not forget that criminals such as those populating flash-mobs are essentially cowards. Again, the objectives of flash-mobs are to terrorize and rob helpless victims. Thus, when faced with an armed victim, it is doubtful that any of these flash-mobbers would sacrifice their lives in pursuit of an iPod. I think it is a safe bet to say that, as soon as the victim drew a firearm, the mob would scurry away like the vermin they are. These people are not going to fight to the last man.
Of course, as is usually the case when shocking acts of violence occur, there was plenty of victim-blaming dished out by leftist commentators who put an almost Robin Hood-esque spin on the series of attacks. Disadvantaged youth waging a battle against conspicuous consumption by giving greedy capitalists a taste of their own medicine. I don’t know many times I heard that these are all good kids from good schools who are merely acting out their frustration with our society’s inherent lack of opportunity.
The most perplexing aspect of the flash-mob experience has been that the gun control movement and their pals in the press find it easier to defend the actions of the flash-mob participants than to recognize the individual right to self defense. Yes, that sounds nutty, but that is the mentality that we come up against in Springfield when we try to advance a concealed carry bill. It makes no sense, but they stand by that logic. READ THE WHOLE THING HERE
The Daley Gator warns us that we can look forward to more black racist violent mob attacks as the 2012 election draws near, and is of the opinion that the uptick in these sorts of things is a direct consequence of the relentless agitprop from leftist race hustling grievance mongers:
What did you think was going to happen? What did you think the result would be? The media is constantly pounding the not so subliminal message that whites are evil and stupid. Politicians are doing the same, actually politicians are worse, Obama laughingly agreed with Lula, the former Brazilian president and prior to that former Brazilian communist agitator, when the latter said that the global financial crisis was caused by “blond haired, blue eyed devils”
In doesn’t stop there “educators” are also stuffing the brains of students with the notions that whites are evil and thieves and stupid and helpless. MUCH MORE HERE
John T. Bennett has a must read article posted June 2 at American Thinker that stresses the same point I made in my previous post on this subject, the silence needs to be broken in order to deal appropriately with this problem, or it will continue to grow far far worse, as it has been continuing to do at an alarming pace. Here are some excerpts from "Racial Violence Has Not Made It Into the Conversation about Race":

If mobs of white youths were going about chanting the phrase "white boys," beating mostly on blacks and attacking black-owned businesses, then the nation would pay attention.  Academic, media, political, and legal elites would be calling for symposia, expanded reporting, legislation, and lawsuits.
In fact, a mob of black youths in Philadelphia went about chanting the phrase "black boys," beating mostly on whites, and attacking businesses.  The same kind of racial mob violence has occurred in Las Vegas, and just last week in New York City.  Few are paying attention, and liberal elites are largely silent.
Of course, liberal elites are quick to associate white violence with right-wing politics or white supremacy.  But what happens when mob violence is carried out by favored minority groups or liberal constituents?
Mobs of black youths have taken to randomly attacking pedestrians and businesses.  This problem is nightmarish in its implications: a subset of the population has no self-control, was not raised to control violent impulses, and evidently gets pleasure out of hurting other people -- particularly people of other races.  This type of person usually has done nothing to create anything of value, but rather destroys for pleasure.  They organize using social media, and their goal is mayhem.  They have been coddled and socialized by the welfare state and public education system.  With an aggressive sense of entitlement, and no regard for others, they will predictably become more violent. 

Yet, the racial aspect of the "flash mob" phenomenon is not seriously covered in the mainstream media.  This is proof of systematic racial bias in reporting, and a failure of leadership across the board in our society.  The mainstream media is in effect using a filtering process that downplays violence by blacks against whites.  The result is that a significant social problem is not being addressed.
The media filtering process undermines society's interest in safety.  When the majority ethnic group is being attacked in potentially catastrophic racial group violence, the press has a duty to report the underlying facts.  Flash mobs are the closest our nation has come to widespread racial strife in over 50 years.  Flash mobs, if unaddressed, will evolve into further racist attacks against whites.  By failing to report acts of ethnic violence, by any race, the press fails part of its role in our democracy. READ IT ALL
The conspiracy of silence surrounding the disclosure of who is responsible for the violent racist mob violence and the fact that people are being urged NOT to protect themselves undermines the security of ALL Americans. People KNOW what's going on, and the refusal of those in the public eye to honestly address it is not only going to cause the violence to continue but it will also stoke whole new level of suspicion and animosity between people of different ethnicities. This thing has the potential to undermine all the progress this country has made over the years in race relations. More innocent people, of all colors, are going to get hurt.

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Mind-Numbed Robot said...

Good work here, Zilla.
Hope you have a safe weekend. [[huggz]]
Carry on.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thanks, Robot, I hope your weekend will be terrific too! 

SignPainterGuy said...

Clamped on tight and not letting go ! Beat the drum of liberal political correctness and its failure to name the enemy ! Good show, MJ !

Yes, I believe this sort of violence will least as long as our nation`s top law enforcement officer, Eric Holder, continues to deny that blacks can be racists and to refuse to recognize and prosecute black on white violence ! When the top-most guy won`t, why should anyone of lesser rank ? The same for the LSM / American Pravda Media. They`re not reporting the violence for what it is; PDs are not connecting the dots either. What`s left to do to protect one`s self but to seek to arm ourselves and actually do it when the time comes ? We have that right. It IS our right, not a permit issued by our betters ! When you are being attacked and seconds matter, the police are only minutes away ! When you are being attacked, do you KNOW what length the attacker is planning to go to in this attack ? NO, you don`t ! So be prepared to protect yourself, using whatever level of force you deem necessary to stop the attack !

should be a convenience store,
NOT a government agency !

Let your firearm be like MASTERCARD,
Never leave home without it !

And again, be prepared to defend and protect yourself;
When seconds count, the police are only minutes away !

For those of us who`d rather not pack heat, who wince at the thought of actually killing someone, (Yes, I incl. myself here) always remember - the criminal CHOSE to be in this situation, NOT YOU ! It`s so much better to be judged by 12, than to be carried by 6 !

Paul Ajlouny said...

Ridiculous that they want to mask the reality that it's a black person committing a crime.  No discrimination about a reality.

Don Sharpe said...

This is what happens when store owners are unable to defend themselves and their property. Two blasts from a shotgun kept under the counter and this wouldn't happen again.The last sentence from the reporter is the most telling, "They (the store owners) are hoping police will come to their aid."When you're not allowed to defend yourself, hope is all you've got. When that's gone . . .... you've got nothing.

SignPainterGuy said...

And the all-wise mayor of NYC is upping his push to ban guns in the hands of private citizens........  Common sense has all but vanished !

Teresamerica said...

The police worrying about citizens -the victims- defending themselves against these low-life thuggish criminals definitely displays some jacked up priorities, as you said Zilla.  

Great work! Keep safe! God Bless!

Angel said...

horrifying precedent Zilla...:(  have a great Independence Day my friend!!...xoxo

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