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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Standing Up Against Islamonazism

Dearborn, Michigan is a city that has been largely overtaken by hardcore islamic bigots. Sharia law is enforced, there is a "no-go" zone where you may not speak out against islamic brutality, and Christians get arrested for reading the bible and handing out pamphlets in public. This past April, Pastors Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp were arrested and thrown in jail for attempting to speak in Dearborn in protest of the ever increasing islamic oppression. They had committed no crime and had done nothing wrong, now dhimmi government authorities arrest people preemptively on the grounds that they MIGHT offend violence prone muslims. Yesterday, the two Christian groups who have previously been illegally victimized by our justice system illegally enforcing sharia went back to Dearborn and stood for freedom, and they were violently attacked for it.
Via Atlas Shrugs:
Two Christian groups, both under attack in a no-go zone zone in Dearborn, Michigan in an increasingly sharia compliant America. Dearborn, the same city that refused to run my bus ads offering help to apostates (despite our win in the courts).
On Friday, two separate groups were threatened and attacked because they came to Dearborn to stand for their beliefs. Whether you like their presentation or not is irrelevant. It's free speech. Period.
“We’re here in Dearborn because they have issues with free speech,” said Ruben Israel.
He says the group was enraged about the four missionaries arrested last July at the Arab American Festival, for their shouting their own religious message. It was a protest that officials deemed disorderly.
“When you arrest men for passing out literature, you’re going to get guys like us,”
Ruben and his "Bible Believers" group waved signs including "Islam is a religion of blood and murder," which of course it is in many Muslim countries ....... so what?
“Talking dirty about the Koran. Dirty about Muslims,” said Mustafa Kahwaji.
Indeed. But bus ads and billboards that myriad Muslim groups ran claiming that Abraham, Issac, Jacob and Moses were Muslims were deeply offensive and "dirty" to non-Muslims. Nobody was attacked.
Pastor Jones made an abbreviated appearance earlier in the day as well. But he had to seek refuge in a police car when his group was physically attacked. (There is much more, go read and see it all at Atlas Shrugs)

Here is video of the attack:
Radical leftists, islamonazis, and islamocoddlers attacked Dr. Terry Jones yesterday in Dearborn.

Here is the text from Stand Up America Now! that accompanies the above video at YouTube:
Dr. Terry Jones, Wayne Sapp and supporter were attacked while trying to march to the Arab Festival from City Hall on June 17th. There were several arrest made due to violence. To prevent riots in Dearborn, MI and at the Arab Festival from the BAMN organization and from the Muslims Dr. Jones and Stand Up America Now did not press the situation and took the advice from the police officers on the scene to not go on the the Arab Festival. BAMN is a great example of why we need the Christians and real Americans to come out of hiding and join us at the rallies to show a stronger front and a stronger resistances to the oppressors and violent elements that try and rule and dominate with violence and fear! Support Stand Up America Now!
I contacted Stephanie Sapp of Stand Up America Now! and asked her for a quote from Terry Jones about yesterday's events, she sent me this:
Here is a statement from Dr. Jones about the rally yesterday. These are his direct words, so it can be quoted as Dr. Terry Jones speaking.

"The rally was very successful. We had an opportunity to share the five points that we were very important.

1. We demand Freedom of Speech, Civil and Human Rights from all Muslim / Koran governed countries or their immediate removal from the U.N.

2. Immediately halt all Muslim immigration and remove all illegal aliens from the United States.

3. Monitoring of all mosques to assure that they are places of worship and not of Islamic propaganda.

4. Positions of authority and decision making in US embassies in Islamic countries to be held by non-Muslims.

5. Ban Sharia nationwide in the United States.

These points are very valid. The general rally went very good. We were very pleased with that. We knew that we would definitely be met with some opposition. That happened the very first time that we came to Dearborn, the second time, and now here the third time where people were very unruly, yelling and screaming. The last time we were here, they threw bottles of urine at and shoes at us. This time they were cussing, yelling and making it very hard for us to have a peaceable assembly as the First Amendment guarantees us. That was very disturbing in that sense. We were absolutely devastated or shocked at the reaction of the counter protesters as we just wanted to march peaceably on the sidewalk down to the Arab festival. We had made our intentions very, very clear that we were going to be peaceful. We were met with very much aggression. People got in our faces, they yelled at us, they cussed us. They attacked us! We were hit, we were assaulted, we were pushed to such a degree that the police came to me several times requesting that we stop our walk. The police did not demand that we do stop. The last time an officer came to me, he said that they had made so many arrests that they had no more vehicles left to put people into. It was very clear that through their aggression, through their assault, it was very clear that the situation would only escalate. It was a very, very violent thing. We were very surprised! We consider it to be a very serious state that our nation is either in or headed toward when you have declared peaceful intentions of simply walking on the sidewalk and you are attacked in that sense. I'd like to again emphasize we're very shocked that we were attacked and hit. We were pushed even to the extent that when it was all over, the police came to us and they said, “Ok, you all have been assaulted. Do you want to press charges?”. We decided at that time not to press charges, but we were indeed very shocked. The actions of the counter protesters did not serve as any type of a deterrent. We will proceed on with our message. We will be heading next week to New York City. After that we will be going to Chicago. We will be spreading our message and our concern about the radical element of Islam."
The violence and hatred on full display yesterday proves the point for the anti-jihad movement, these people are dangerous and must be stopped. Via Ironic Surrealism:
Islam’s worst enemy is – FREE SPEECH.
Yesterday Jones [again] dared to venture into the belly of the Islamic beast, Dearborn, Michigan to challenge sharia. And the Islamic force of which he was met with [again] proves his point [again]that in the land of the free sharia is already embedded deep.
When an American pastor must wear a bullet proof vest on the streets of America, is prevented from moving about freely and exercising his right to free speech, Islamic sharia already has a strangle hold on our freedoms. READ THE WHOLE THING
Click HERE for an audio interview with Dr. Terry Jones on the Paul Edwards Program shortly after the mob violence yesterday.

Below is video of an incredible speech by Rabbi Nachum Shifren before Dr. Terry Jones spoke in Dearborn yesterday, and then Terry Jones himself speaking followed by Evangelist Jack Coe reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Recorded live. Via Stand Up America Now! Watch the whole thing:

Video streaming by Ustream

Notice how the radical bigots in the audience screeched their hatred, even as a moment of silence was requested for the Detroit police officer killed recently by vehicular jihad, and during the Pledge of Allegiance. The enemy has no allegiance to anything but islamonazism and violent bigotry.

An overwhelming majority of American mosques preach violent fanatical hatred of non-muslims. We are now living in a country which has as it's official policy, both domestic and abroad, "Muslims First" at the expense of all others. Via Sultan Knish:
Our retrofitting of policymaking at every level to accommodate the whims of the prophet's beard. And for all the cringing and crawling, appeasing and advocating, the violence continues to grow. Because you can end violence by taking a firm stand, not by falling to your knees. READ THE WHOLE THING
It is madness, and we all must rise up and stand against it, while we still can. Islamitization has gotten so bad in Europe, especially England, that counter-jihadis are being forced to go underground, due to the oppression of their islamocoddling, jihad enabling dhimmi "leaders" in the government there. It is coming for us too, if we let it.

The time to make our stand before we are all forced to our knees is now, soon it will be too late. We all must choose whether we will submit to evil or whether we will fight for our freedom. I've made my choice, and I choose freedom.

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Tammy Sandeen said...

I should go down that way for you and be an on site reporter or photographer.  It's like 15 minutes away.

SignPainterGuy said...

Looks like Dearbornistan is now all but "officially" a nation within our nation ! This nation`s constitution doesn`t seem to matter much !

And who`da thunk we`d be cheering Jones and his Church of the Hating God ? He believes in freedom of speech, be it his, ours or mooseslimes` ! Can`t fault him for that !

Tammy, by all means be careful ! We don`t want you to be the next Lara What`shername from CBS !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Did you watch the video of the Rabbi's speech? That's the best part of this whole post, HE is amazing! 

SignPainterGuy said...

No, sorry, I made it to about 2:30 and had to stop. His tone was grating on me (even though he`s right) and the audience was nuts, so I elected to save my nerves. He seemed to be calling them out for the spoiled brats they are.

I really do prefer to read about it ! Sorry !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I understand, I generally do not watch videos and prefer to read as well, but
skip ahead a few minutes and he really begins to hit home. He warns people of
what America will become, even as the crowd screams "f*ck the jews" he goes on
and explains how that has been the islamic sentiment from the beginning. he
quotes the arabic war cry allah akbar and the arabic words for "kill the jews"
that were screamed in the streets as hundreds were slaughtered. he talks about
how he had to be recruited from ten thousand miles away to speak in Europe
because no priest, minister, or any other clergy from any other religion
anywhere would dare to speak publicly about the danger that is coming. it is a
powerful powerful speech, and I generally do not like to listen to speeches at
all, but this one really got to me. If I can find a transcript of it somewhere
I'll be sure to make sure you see it. :)
I sent the video to Bare Naked Islam and they posted it as well, taking this as
a quote:
“When you are bowing down five times a day to Mecca, you will ask yourselves,
What happened to my great country?"


SignPainterGuy said...

Thank you for the extra effort, I appreciate all you do !

Was the transcript of Jones` statement already in your post  and I missed it on first reading or did you just add that ? If so, Thanks again !

And again, it`s fascinating that I find myself cheering for Jones` effort to bring significant and positive change as regards muslims in the USA and our foreign embassies ! Is this just an unseen aspect of his agenda or something new ? I still think Jones is beneath contempt for his picketing at soldiers` funerals and stirring up trouble so people would attack him so he could then sue folks for "infringing on his civil rights". That`s how they funded their picket trips !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Are you sure you're not thinking of Fred Phelps?
I am facebook friends with Stephanie Sapp of Stand up America Now and I asked her if she could provide a quote from Dr. Jones, she sent it to me and I added it to this post last night.
I do not know what Terry Jones was doing before he was awakened to the threat that islam presents to the entire world, I'll have to look into it. But I do know this: Sometimes people do bad things before the Lord reaches into their heart and puts them on the righteous path. Remember, Saint Paul (formerly known as Saul) was a huge persecutor of Christians  before his heart was turned, and then he became their biggest champion.
Terry Jones seems sincere to me about his concerns over islam. If he truly did do bad things like what you say before this, perhaps something happened that woke him up?
God works in mysterious ways, and can pick the most unlikely seeming people to do His work.

I answered this post earlier through my email but it didn't show up here for some reason. So if you see to replies, that will be why.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

You are so right, few in the GOP "get it" and worse, the Conservatives have been infiltrated by islamonazis and their enablers as well. You can read about just how bad it is in a post I did over the winter, "Conservative" Dhimmitude, here:

Bob A. said...

Just posted the Dr. Jones clip with a link back to your post.
Bob A.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you, Bob! Updated my post to reflect your linky love. 

Whoopie said...

There's a reckoning comin' when the righteous awake and the Left's not gonna like it one bit.

And I ain't talkin' about the next stinkin' election either.

SignPainterGuy said...

Ooooooppppssss !! You are of course CORRECT ! My brain played a little TOTUS trick and substituted Jones for Phelps. I hate it when that happens ! Cue Whatshername from SNL, "Never mind !" Nice Saul / Paul ref.

I would have missed the added Dr Jones statement had you not asked me if I`d watched the vid. Thanks.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I wouldn't recommend doing that unarmed and alone. Those islamonazis are very violent and dangerous and you have a family at home who needs you. The thing was yesterday anyhow, it's probably quiet there now, but there will be more protests in the future, if you can get someone to go with you then you can get some exclusive stuff that I can promote for you.

Anonymous said...

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