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Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Forget Your Daughters"

Two Christian girls were kidnapped, forced to convert to islam and marry their captor. When the girls' father tried to get help from the police, he was told by the cops to "forget his daughters".
Via Pakistan Christian Post:
Rebbecca Masih and Saima Masih were kidnapped in Jhung the district of Faisalabad.

As explained by the two sisters` father, Rehmat Masih, a few days ago a wealthy local businessman, Muhammad Waseem, had previously warned that he wanted to marry the two girls, then threatened to kidnap them and convert them by force. Rehmat went to the police to file a complaint, but they did not take action. On Tuesday, May 24 the two girls were stopped while returning from the market, and some men kidnapped and threw them in a car owned by Waseem.

Rehmat rushed back to the police. The officers, after completing the investigation, said that "there are false accusations against Waseem," and that Rehmat, often gets drunk and starts assaulting his daughters, so they might have ran away unable to bear the torture. Other witnesses and neighbors instead swear that Rehmat is a respectable man and has never harmed his daughters.

On May 25, Muhammad Waseem forcefully married Saima Masih, in the presence of the leader Muhammad Zubair Qasim, an active member of the banned extremist group "Sip-e-Sahaba", often known for organizing kidnappings and forced conversions of Christian girls and Hindus. During the final interview, the police said to Rehmat to "forget his daughters."

Haroon Barkat Masih, Director of the Masihi Foundation, who is dealing with the case of Asia Bibi, condemns the incident and says to Fides: "Kidnapping Christian girls, conversion and forced marriages have become common practice in Punjab. The police have been bought, instead of serving the Punjab government they are servants of extremist groups. Punjab is becoming heaven for these groups: Muslim leaders openly call for violence in their sermons, without shame. Hundreds of cases like that of the Masih sisters do not come into existence. We have repeatedly appealed to the Punjab government, without receiving an answer: the government supports these groups. "

A Catholic nun in Faisalabad - who asked to remain anonymous for security reasons - is responsible to regain and hide the Christian girls who manage to flee the violence. The nun explains to Fides: "There are countless similar cases every year, that the Church of Pakistan has denounced many times, asking for respect for basic rights. The Masih sisters is a common fate of many girls and young Christian women in a society that tolerates discrimination on religious minorities, especially on women. "
Sadly, this is not unusual ANYWHERE that has a strong muslim presence, in fact it is quite common and it is even happening in the West now. Few care, Christians are oppressed, brutalized and slaughtered every single day by genocidal muslims hell bent on islamic domination and the world looks away.

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Taskmater78 said...

It's a sad day when a stinking old man and a pedophile at that, can kidnap a child and force her to marry. Now the abuse both physically and mentally not to speak of the separation from her family.
These men will soon be witness to a hard reality, this judgement by Christ will not be a moment to gloat but to humble themselves, and no word will save them. Not even Muhammad will be able to save them from this judgement, because he too will be standing before the judgement seat of Christ.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I agree, I think it is pure evil what those "men" do.

SignPainterGuy said...

I`m currently having a tough time getting beyond evil, disgusting and I hate islam !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

If you can stand it, there something people need to know about at BNI:
Be warned, the pictures are awful. Here is what I wrote about it at the A-C page when I posted it today (I was very upset by what I saw and read):

Go to the link, read the whole thing, look at the
photos. This is what OUR GOVERNMENT supported under President Clinton. A couple whose pregnant wife's belly was cut open and removed as her
husband, whose legs had been chopped off but he was
still alive was forced to watch. A little child raped by twenty muslims
and then violated with a wooden pole before they killed her, a girl
raped and her breasts cut off before they killed her by smashing her
face in repeatedly with a metal rod, women and children raped, tortured
and butchered as their families were forced to watch, entire families
slaughtered, concentration camps where prisoners where kept until they
were killed so their organs would be harvested and sold. A baby grabbed
by the feet and smashed face first into a brick wall. THIS IS ISLAM AND
AMERICA HELPED THEM!!! And the world calls those who fought against it
'war criminals'. Fuck you, world!

and Atlas exposes the lies that got us involved there, fighting for the wrong damned side:

SignPainterGuy said...

Yeah, I`ve heard all that before. It`s beyond evil, sick and disgusting.....and it`s criminal ! GOD will have HIS day with them.....ALL  of them ! I will pay for my own sins, but will still rejoice on that day !

All I can do is pray for them, the victims and the perps, but pray I will.........every day !

SignPainterGuy said...

I watched the movie "Taken" with Liam Neesan last night. His teen daughter is kidnapped and whisked off to be sold as a sex slave; is bought by a sheik. He gets hurt in the process but delivers much greater hurt to all involved. They deserve MUCH worse !!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

They need our prayers, thank you for remembering them.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I think it should be legal for parents to be able to pay vengeance to those who harm their children.

Hardnox said...

The really sad part is that this has been happening for decades.  All we hear is crickets from the media and from elected officials the world over.

Anyone exposing these vile acts are automatically labeled as right wing extremists.  The root of the problem is money.  Rich Muslim countries donate huge sums to universities in return for complacency and outright support.  In turn these universities produce graduates that are willfully ignorant about Islam.

These same graduates are also employed by the major media outlets who will not expose Islam for what it is.

flyoverpilgrim said...

Hardnox: this has been happening for CENTURIES, ever since...oh yes, ever since Mohammad (PSBUH) began his jihad.

Go read who the Janissaries really were. (Hint: involves young children forcibly taken from their parents and...)

We need to be on our faces before the Holy Trinity, to beg forgiveness for ignoring the plight of our brethren, and to ask Him to have mercy on them and us. Thousands of nameless martyrs made every year - nameless, except to the King of Kings.

No Sharia said...

This is happening all over the world!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

And silence from the so called women's rights activists as well. But most infuriating is the deafening silence from many of our fellow Christians and conservatives who are afraid to speak out against this evil or just don't care.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Islam represents the exact opposite of all that is good and holy.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Yes it is and the world looks away and even fellow Christians and conservatives ignore it. I do what I can to try to wake people up and make them aware. It is even happening in the West as islam continues to infiltrate and undermine our civilization.

Gunny G said...

Islam is evil

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