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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New York City Gives Jones the Bum's Rush

Like a battered wife who stands by her abuser, New York City dhimmies itself when it repeatedly sides with the islamonazis like the ones who killed 3000 innocent people there nearly ten years ago.

Pastor Terry Jones, an anti-jihadist, and his group, Stand Up America, went to New York City a few days ago and got the bum's rush from NYPD.

Press Release from Stand Up America:
NEWSLETTER UPDATE: Dr. Terry Jones in New York
June 25, 2011
As we arrived in New York, we were met by several police officers in plain clothes, detectives I assumed, and we were met by the police chief of the area. It was made very clear to us that they were not welcoming us to New York and they were not there for our protection.
They told us they would be watching us and that they would be with us the whole time, which they were, to make sure we would not do anything unlawful, which of course we had not planned.
We definitely felt very controlled. As I said, they made it clear to us that they were not there to protect us, nor to welcome us to the city. In fact we were very, very, unwelcome. This was our experience the whole time.
We were then informed that all of the meetings we had planned had been canceled. A meeting with the Imam of the Islamic Cultural Center, I believe set up by the State Department, had been canceled.
Next, we proceeded to a hotel where we were to have another meeting. As we were on our way there, that meeting was canceled.
We were, the next day, proceeding to a different hotel to do our interview with the Belgian film crew. As we arrived at the hotel, we were recognized and that appointment was immediately canceled.
A photographer with the Belgian film crew has a friend here in NY, and through this relationship we were finally able to do the filming on the top of a building. It was very, very clear that the whole thing had been very much controlled, in our opinion, by the government. Every single step we made was controlled. This is a very good example of the condition that our nation is in.
- Dr. Terry Jones
Founder and President, Stand Up America Now!  (H/T Ironic Surrealism)
Terry Jones gets treated like a criminal in New York City because we mustn't offend the hypersensitive perpetually offended violent islamonazis who want to kill us, have killed us and will try to kill us again every chance they get regardless of how hard our "leaders" prostrate  themselves at the feet of the death cult of Bloody Al and Mad Mo.

Funny how the same city that will give Jones a hard time has no problem with a Ground Zero victory mosque and jihadi recruiting center or islamonazis desecrating American flags on the streets of New York City screaming "Alluah Akbar!" (which is among the last things that the jihadis' murdered dead heard before the planes they were trapped on were crashed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001):

H/T Bare Naked Islam

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Peg Conroy said...

What will destroy us first - Islamization, black racism or the Looters in government and the public union entitlement class?  Looks like a perfect storm to me.

SignPainterGuy said...

It may be a photo finish !

SignPainterGuy said...

For the life of me, I can`t imagine anything islam has to offer that can be viewed as positive, so why is NYC tripping all over themselves to accommodate them after the horrific destruction they brought to the city and nation ?! Have the powers that be in the city been threatened to the point they are too afraid to oppose the islamorageboys ?! Or have the PTB simply become so evil that anything Christian is "more" threatening to them ?!

kitman3 said...

I worked for the Saudis through my job a few years back.
These people treated us like slaves with only contempt trying top rip us off at every turn.
They despised our culture (even though they sneak off to Europe to enjoy it) and would play the pious role.
We were infidel, dogs only to be worked or sold at the markets explained one younger Saudis who actually disagreed with his culture.
We should not be fooled they are using the freedoms we enjoy against us they are smart.
The "Arab Spring" will end badly as groups like the muslim brotherhood take over and institute a caliphate in one country after another.
And this administration wants to give Egypt 20 billion please.
We are being PLAYED!!!

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