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Thursday, June 2, 2011

If This Truly IS Trump's Motivation, He's a Genius and I Hope He Goes For It!

Yes, this is a post about Donald Trump, but I highly doubt it's going to be about what you think it's going to be about unless you read Ann Barnhardt's blog at her website.

You all may remember her from her YouTube bacon bookmarked koran burning fame, but you should really go to her website and read her writings, she is super smart and amazingly insightful. She's also totally fearless; on her contact information page, she not only gives her phone numbers and email address but directions to get to her house! (If you go to visit her, DO call first, because she is heavily armed and won't hesitate to eliminate any potential danger to her well being.)

I bookmarked her website and visit it often because she always has great stuff to read and she starts every day off with a prayer. Ann doesn't have permalinks to her individual blog posts, but she gave permission to anyone who wants it to reprint her stuff.

Ann has a very interesting theory as to what may be the real motivation behind Donald Trump's pursuing Obama's birth certificate issue, and surely his investigation of Captain wtf has yielded lots of useful information. I am posting her theory below:

On Trump's Motives
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - June 2, AD 2011 9:39 AM MST
Goodness, I am getting slow at the switch in my old age. I don't know why this didn't occur to me sooner. I know exactly what Donald Trump is doing and why with all of his threatening to run for POTUS and his sudden interest in Obama's lack of eligibility and personal documentation. The Illinois legislature and City of Chicago (Rahm Emanuel, Mayor™) just approved a massive expansion and approval of casino gaming in Chicago itself and throughout the state. Trump has seen this coming for years and has made massive investments in Chicago real estate, most notably the Trump International Hotel and Tower at 401 N Wabash. If you have been to Chicago anytime within the last several years, you have seen it. It is very big, and I'll admit, an aesthetically pleasing building.
Trump is no fool. Atlantic City, New Jersey is as good as dead, and Trump knows that dumping money into trying to revitalize Atlantic City as a gaming destination would be throwing good money after bad. The awful TV show "Jersey Shore" has now done longterm economic damage to that entire area - and that is no joke. So, years ago he figured out what the next hot gaming center would be: Chicago.
Think about it. Chicago is within driving distance of a massive chunk of the central U.S. and Canada. It has a fully-established infrastructure and employee pool. It has one of the largest, most liquid hub airports on the continent with a decent secondary airport. It's Vegas, except everything is already there, and the major ethnic groups are Slavs and Poles instead of Italians and Jews in Vegas. :-)
Trump has two motivations here. First the MINOR motivation. In establishing a new gaming empire in the central U.S., he is tapping into a largely conservative mid-western consumer base. What he is doing is essentially re-branding himself and the Trump name as a conservative or conservative-friendly brand. All of the little old men and women in Nebraska and Iowa and Missouri and Kentucky and rural Michigan will now specifically and consciously CHOOSE to patronize a Trump-brand casino in Chicago because Trump is a "Republican who stood up to Obama and demanded his birth certificate!" A year ago most of those same people probably looked down on Trump as a slippery New York City real estate trader with bad hair who is now on his third model/wife. Now he is as conservative and American as apple pie. Say what you will of Trump, but this re-branding maneuver that he has pulled off is admittedly brilliant. But it is only a mere maneuver. The sincerity of it is . . . lacking.
Which brings us to Trump's MAJOR motivation in pushing the birth certificate and other vital records issue. Trump's plan is to dominate and control the Chicago gaming concession. He is in on the ground floor, knows that his position is very, very strong, and wants to keep it that way. What he also knows is that in order for him to be successful in Chicago, he MUST assert dominance over the massively powerful and utterly corrupt Chicago City Hall. Trump is no pushover and refuses to bow to the Chicago City Hall / Union Mob machine. And why should he? Trump has the Chicago Machine by the throat because the Chicago Machine made a terrible, terrible mistake several years ago. What was that mistake? They tied their entire fortunes to the single most blackmail-able human being in the history of the world: Barack Obama.
In their blind quest for power, the Chicago Marxist/Mob syndicate put all their chips on a smooth-talking light-skinned black guy who could talk the centrist talk, but was actually a hardcore Marxist plant. And it worked - for a time. They got the White House. But here's the problem. Their smooth-talking, light-skinned black guy wasn't born in the United States, was born the son of a British Subject, was adopted by an Indonesian and is thus also an Indonesian citizen, was raised by card-carrying Communists, attended college as a foreign student and traveled internationally under a non-U.S. passport as an adult, has used hard drugs including crack for all of his adult life, has been an active homosexual for his entire adult life, has more aliases and social security numbers than Jason Bourne (or is that Harrison J. Bounel?) and is actually dumber than a bag of hair.
Trump has enough blackmail material on Obama to keep himself in a position of firm dominance over the Chicago Marxist Syndicate. Every time the Chicago Mob gives Trump static, he can just go on TV and simply ASK about some blackmail-able facet of Obama's past. When the Chicago Mob backs off of Trump, Trump backs off of them. Do you think maybe that is what we are seeing right now?
In fact, if Trump plays his cards right (no pun intended), he could TAKE DOWN the Chicago Marxist Syndicate, and refill the power vacuum with his own people. It would be swapping one degree of corruption for another, but at this point, I wouldn't mind seeing what a Trump-run Chicago might look like. Trump is a businessman and understands that the gridlock of corruption and out-of-control crime on the street is very, very bad for business. Chicago is a cool town with great attractions and museums and wonderful ethnic neighborhoods (and food!). The good people who live and work there deserve better, and Chicago should be a city that all Americans can be proud of.
I am definitely conflicted. I hate casinos, as I wrote about last week, and I'm no fan of Trump, but can see what he is doing and why. This Chicago Marxist Syndicate needs to be taken down hard because it is destroying this nation and the world through the Obama regime. This isn't just about bribing South-Side Aldermen and sweetheart real estate deals in Hyde Park anymore. This Chicago Marxist thug crap is going to collapse the global economy and start World War 3. Millions of people are going to die because of these people. Thus, I am content to watch Trump make his move. The Lord works and moves in mysterious ways. Sometimes VERY mysterious.
The Trump International Tower at 401 N. Wabash Avenue in Chicago.

Now if Ann is right, then Donald Trump is an absolute genius and I hope he succeeds, because it would be not only good for Chicago and the United States but for the entire free world if Trump toppled the regime's machine.

I highly recommend that you make it a habit to visit Ann Barnhardt's website, because you will regularly learn something new there, I know I do!

This post is linked to and quoted from at Adrienne's Corner. Thanks, Adrienne! 

This post is included in Larwyn's Linx at Doug Ross. Thank you, Doug! 



Randy said...

WOW  That makes a lot of sense

Zilla of the Resistance said...

That's what I said to myself when I read it over at her place! 

Hardnox said...

That's a neat angle.  It makes sense.  I hope that he blows the lid off this administration before it is too late.

SignPainterGuy said...

While I`m no fan of the "cow-pied combover" either, I have to respect his biz sense. Can`t get all wowed up over his conservatism; he`s as conservative as he needs to be, but I don`t doubt his love of America. He`s no marxist, nope, he`s a capitalist and that`s good for us.

Ann`s theory holds water in my mind; the combover is powerful enough to find out what he wants to know, no doubt about it ! He`s fearless as well. While I`m relieved that he dropped out of the political race, he could have stayed in just a bit longer, if only for the entertainment value; Team Zero was sweating rivers !

Thanks MJ for sicin` us on Ann`s blog. good stuff for sure !

SignPainterGuy said...

I read recently that there`s been enough dirt dug up and verified, even through the FBI and the Secret Service to have Urkel arrested; ........... within 90 days....... my heart skipped a beat when I read that last part ! Oh, how I hope so ! The sound of the falling dominoes will be heard for thousands of miles !!!! Sorta explains the state of Urkel`s distraction of late, but keep in of the main things that attracted his handlers in the first place was his ability to lie, straight-faced ! It just takes him a "minute" to work himself up to it now!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I hope so too, Hardnox!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Man, I hope it's true! I know there is plenty of evidence right out in the open about Obama's illegal and treasonous activities, but apparently it has only been investigated and discussed in the right blogs. (sigh)

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Whatever his flaws may be, he resonates with regular people because we're sick of gutless weenies in our political establishment, especially the limp wristed kow-towing GOP. Trump basically said that he wanted America off her knees on her feet and kicking ass again, and that's what most Americans want to see happen. 

Hardnox said...

Here's an eye-opener:

Be sure to click on the link at the top.

Also, there are 3 YouTube videos to view.  The guy makes a compelling case.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Lisa's got a great blog there. There is so much fraud with this guy it is simply stunning how he's gotten away with it. Who has multiple SS#s, even issued someplace you never lived? And where is the evidence that he ever revoked his INDONESIAN citizenship? He SHOULD be in prison, and then there's all the acts of TREASON including settin g jihadi scumbags who tortured, killed and mutilated the bodies of Americans free by some shit he signed on December 31, 2009. Fucking document dumps, nobody ever seems to followed up on this shit. 

Hardnox said...

Yes, Lisa has a great blog.  The guy she hooked-up with has got a hellava find.  I hope that he doesn't go the way of Vince Foster.

Odd that the left can send an army of reporters to Wasilla, AK the day after Palin was nominated as VP looking under every rock, interviewing anyone who even met her but the asshats couldn't find out one damn thing about zero.  Not one college classmate, not one old girlfriend, not one paper that he wrote, not one person that he associated with, nada.

The pile of shit that zero and his cronies are sitting on is Himalayan sized.  Of that there is no doubt.  Now we just need someone in the GOP to grow a set and attack.  If they are holding back to nix zero's campaign they better get busy.  Now would be a good time.  There is so much stuff it could fill the news everday for the next 17 months.

On the other hand they may be waiting until next summer so Hitlary doesn't step in.

Amusing Bunni said...

This theory makes alot of sense!
I'd take the Trump machine over what we've been stuck with ANY DAY!
Dumber than a bag of hair.....LOL!

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