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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Russia Hearts American Surrender, Hopes for Obama Re-Election

Obama has made surrendering to adversaries (while betraying allies) his defacto foreign policy, so it really should come as no surprise that one of the biggest beneficiaries of Obama's deliberate weakening of America is hoping that he'll be elected to a second term.

Via Atlas Shrugs:
Why wouldn't the Russians want their advocate in the White House? They know Obama is out of his league, not negotiating in America's self interest, and giving away the store. They have outplayed Obama (at the expense of our allies) more than once. Of course they want that quisling in the White House.
Russian President Medvedev Says He Wants Obama To Be Re-elected To Avoid America’s “Conservative Wing” (Read the rest HERE)
Niles Gardiner at The Telegraph calls the Russian endorsement of a second Obama term "A damning indictment of the White House’s spineless foreign policy":
When Hillary Clinton famously called for a “reset” of Washington’s relations with Moscow back in March 2009, she should have used the more accurate term, “surrender”. From caving in to Russian demands to scrap plans for Third Site missile defences in eastern and central Europe to signing on to the New START Treaty, US policy towards Russia under the Obama administration has been one wretched give away after another, even stretching as far as handing over sensitive information on Britain’s nuclear deterrent.
Is it any wonder that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is now openly calling for Barack Obama’s re-election? In an extraordinary interview with The Financial Times, the Russian leader gives a glowing account of his US counterpart, in a direct intervention in US domestic politics 16 months ahead of the November 2012 presidential election. Here is what Medvedev said to the FT’s interview team:
Nothing lasts forever in this world. Our relations have improved, and I think this is owing to the efforts of the new [US] administration and personally president Obama, with whom I am friends. It is easy for me to work with him. If a different person becomes US president, he might have a different agenda.
… I believe I have been lucky in this respect at least, because my counterpart has been a modern man wanting change not only for America, but for the whole world order as well. You have kept on asking me about my presidency and whether I will stand for president again, or whether somebody else will come to office. Let me tell you that no one wishes the re-election of Barack Obama as US president as I do…
The White House should be thoroughly embarrassed by this endorsement from the leader of one of America’s biggest strategic adversaries, the head of an increasingly dangerous, aggressive and authoritarian regime with an appalling human rights record. It is a particularly telling moment for a US administration that has spent a great deal of its time engaging many of America’s enemies and appeasing hostile powers while treating traditional allies such as Great Britain and Israel with thinly veiled contempt. RTR
I'm sure the Russians are hoping that Barry the Backstabber will give them more nuke secrets like he did when he gave away sensitive information about the British nuclear program after Obama asked the British if he could and the British said, "NO".

The Obama regime and Russian leadership have much in common, including a proclivity for encouraging citizens to betray their friends and neighbors, voter intimidation and fraud, along with viciously bullying opposition (and the press), of and lets not forget all the corruption.

Kim Zigfeld has an article at American Thinker about Obama's Russian pals who he tirelessly capitulates to (all the while ignoring their misdeeds), "Obama and Russia's descent into tyranny":
Russia is an 'entire society' that is becoming 'morally corrupt to the core.'
If you think that statement was made by a reckless, rabid, rampaging Russophobe, think again:  It was made by Vladimir Ryzhkov, a fourteen-year veteran of the Russian parliament.
And when you read his evidence, you may think Ryzhkov was being much too easy on his country.
Ryzhkov explains how Vladimir Putin's party of power, United Russia, managed to go from 35% voter support in polls in the region of Tambov in April 2011 to 65% support at the ballot box a month later.  And it wasn't a Trumanesque comeback.  It was truly epic and terrifying fraud.
Using its direct influence over their jobs and salaries, United Russia gathered up university professors and ordered them to force their students, on pain of being flunked, to forge ballots and then travel around the city stuffing ballot boxes with them.   Meanwhile cops and election officials blithely looked the other way.
Ryzhkov believes that one-third of the votes cast for United Russia in the local elections -- a mind-boggling total of over 100,000 in a region with a total population of just over one million -- were illegal.
And the scale of the fraud wasn't the most horrifying fact about the election.  Ryzhkov writes:
That thousands of ordinary and otherwise respectable citizens -- teachers, doctors, librarians and administrators -- were more than willing to participate. These are people who are responsible for the physical and moral well-being of others. Their relatives, neighbors and colleagues also knew of their participation. What's more, thousands of young people driven by cynical United Russia slogans of "patriotism, stability and spirituality" stuffed ballots to keep the party of crooks and thieves in power. Hundreds of newly reformed "policemen" -- who were supposed to be an improvement over their predecessors, the militsia -- were all too willing to close their eyes. 
In other words, many Russians in Tambov were willing to help their government shaft their fellow citizens just for the fun of it.
That's a theme in modern Russian history. During the time of Stalin, Russians fell over themselves trying to turn in their neighbors and send them off to concentration camps in Siberia.

Short Little Rebel has a post highlighting Obama's Soviet style attack on a private business:
Are you happy now, Progressives?  We have officially become the embodiment of the old U.S.S.R.   Big Brother Government, led by high profile Democrats, will now be dragging a private company before a powerful government panel for interrogation.  And the company will not be their only focus.  Oh, no.  Because this panel is also demanding names.  People’s names.  The people who work for the company and the people they talked to.   Not just their names, either.  They want to know everything about these individuals- their job history, their credit scores, their age, their family location, their spouse’s name, their children’s’ names, their social security numbers- and no doubt, their tax records.  Because this company has dared to report unfavorably about the government.  *gasp*  This government panel has every intention to punish this company and every individual in that company.  The new Obama government does not tolerate being opposed in any way and will put a stop to it.  This company will be the example. READ THE WHOLE THING
Daniel Vajdic at the Enterprise Blog explains pretty well why Mededev wants four more years of Obama:
While it may seem odd at first glance, Medvedev’s endorsement of Obama makes sense. The administration’s restart policy has been profoundly lopsided in Russia’s favor. In exchange for heavily watered down sanctions against Iran and a Russian transit corridor for largely non-lethal supplies to Afghanistan, the Obama administration has reconfigured missile defense by scrapping plans for a ground-based midcourse system in Central Europe, withheld rhetorical support for Russia’s beleaguered democrats, and essentially recognized what the Kremlin calls its “sphere of privileged interests” in the former Soviet Union.
And then there’s New START. A recent data exchange on U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear weapons revealed that the treaty has been virtually inconsequential for Russia. According to figures released by the State Department this month, Russia was already below ceilings in both strategic nuclear arms (1,550) and launchers (700) when the treaty came into force on February 5. Moscow has 521 launchers and 1,537 accountable warheads as of June 1. What, then, beyond a feel-good sense of inching closer to the utopianism of global zero, has the administration achieved with New START?
What’s clear, however, is that Medvedev’s endorsement of Obama represents a clear double standard. When the State Department rightly criticizes the Kremlin for suppressing Russia’s besieged pro-democracy activists, shutting down NGOs that deviate too far from Putin’s “vertical” of power, and arresting opposition democrats such as Boris Nemtsov, the Kremlin responds by condemning the United States’s “consistent meddling” in the internal affairs of other countries. Medvedev’s endorsement of Obama represents the epitome of hypocrisy. The only difference between his meddling in U.S. politics and U.S. meddling in Russia’s democratic development is that the latter seeks to encourage a system of governance that benefits the Russian people. Medvedev, on the other hand, has publicly backed Obama simply because he’d like U.S. concessions to continue for another four years.

I will only add, that also, Obama's a freaking commie.

Image Courtesy of Word-Drum, another fine Conservative blog
Yes he is. And Joe McCarthy was right.

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SignPainterGuy said...

Abso-freakin`-lutely MJ, Zero IS a commie AND McCarthy was RIGHT !! The Rooskies cannot be believed (except that we must consider that they are telling the truth) and they cannot be trusted.

The commies of the O Team must be taken out of office and power, and the sooner the better ! Our country is being destroyed from the inside in ways and at a rate no outside force could dream possible ! Hurry 11-2012 !!!!!

Tammy Sandeen said...

Funny is the four more years? vote now add at the bottom of the screen when I came for a read. Should I answer for you? I wonder if they have a Hell No button?

Hardnox said...

Medevev and Putin play zero like the sock puppet that he is.  Zero is stuck on trying to being leader of the world all the while the world laughs behind his back.  After zero's term he'll apply for the sec-gen job at the UN.  Wait for it.

SignPainterGuy said...

He he ! Sadly, no they don`t, but they do have a "donate" button !

SignPainterGuy said...

"......sec-gen at the Useless Nations". I`ve heard that,  and just think, if so, he`ll actually think he`s head of Something ! "Zero" is so appropo !!

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