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Friday, June 3, 2011


Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends. - Author Unknown
My heart is breaking into a million pieces right now. My sweet beloved cat Tippy, who my husband gave to me as a tiny kitten he'd rescued back in 2000 and has slept in my arms every night since, is dying. God, just typing the last word of that sentence destroyed me.  I'm a total wreck now that the kids have gone to bed and I am free to freaking lose it. I don't know how bad I'll be when she goes, it could be anytime now, she has been very tired for a few days. So this little miserable post is just an explanation in advance if I drop off for a bit but who knows, maybe I'll be online anyway trying to run away from my sad thoughts.

If you'd like to cry with me, click HERE to listen to a portion of a song called the Cat Lullaby.

Here's James Taylor with You Can Close Your Eyes:

Well the sun is surely sinking down, but the moon is slowly rising.
So this old world must still be spinning round and I still love you.

So close your eyes, you can close your eyes, it's all right.
I don't know no love songs and I can't sing the blues anymore.
But I can sing this song and you can sing this song when I'm gone.

It won't be long before another day, we gonna have a good time.
And no one's gonna take that time away. You can stay as long as you like.

So close your eyes, you can close your eyes, it's all right.
I don't know no love songs and I can't sing the blues anymore.
But I can sing this song and you can sing this song when I'm gone.
I got the above from a page for the grieving at Squidoo, HERE.

Nothing will make me feel better unless if a miracle were to come and heal my Tippy, but if you want to do something nice, take in a stray, and/or donate time or money to your local shelter.

Love your pets, because they deserve it and also because even when your whole world falls to crap, they always still love you.

Update: She passed away today, it was relatively peaceful. I am sad, but OK. Thank you to everyone who has offered kind words, thoughts and prayers.

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SignPainterGuy said...

I`m so sorry Tippy is failing. I`ll pray for the best; perhaps she`s just sick.

One Sat. at my Daughter`s Softball practice, a team mate`s older sister came around with an ugly kitten, trying to get someone to take her. No one wanted her. I would have taken her, but I`d already allowed my Daughter to take in one stray cat with issues. We named her Crabby. Hateful cat. Later, after the x had scarfed my Allstar, I grabbed lunch at BK, and headed home, but a voice in the ol` bean said, "Go back to work!", so I did. Walking toward the door, I heard this meowing from the weeds across the street. There was the very same kitten, siamese, tortoise shell mix, that the girl had at the ballfield. She knew I`d take it, so she set it out there. I never let on like I knew she`d done it. Since it was just a handfull, maybe a month old, I named her Itty Bitty. Grew into the smartest and sometimes dumbest cat I ever had....and I`ve had plenty; 11 at one time, once. (along with 33 rabbits, a canary, a fish tank and a large dog) The Zoo.

Itty Bitty (who`s anything BUT "itty bitty" now) just turned 16 in May, the same age as my previously oldest cat, Bloomers, (from her "rear view") ! She was a long haired tortoise shell and looked like she was wearing a bib and "bloomers" ! You should always let the pet name itself, right ?

If the worst happens, give Tippy a nice burial, and let the kids participate. It will be a good life`s lessen. Little ones are more resilient than we think, when we explain and pray with them.

And then the Lord will provide you with all the loving critters you need !

Teresamerica said...

That is so sad.  I am so sorry to hear about Tippy.  My thoughts and prayers are with you. 

Lisa G in NZ said...

Sorry to hear about your beloved Tippy.. It is so hard to lose pets, I know it very well - in 2010, we lost the 3 we brought with from USA to NZ...  take time to grieve... if it helps, here is a little video I made about my cat MaPutu...

HUGS zilla.... Lisa G in NZ

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you for your kind words and your wonderful story! Tippy is still alive
this morning, but from her breathing I can see she's almost gone. Two years ago,
my favorite dog and Husband's cat who he had before we met, who survived a house
fire, who lost both his eyes to glaucoma but still caught chipmunks, (amazing
cat) both passed away from very old age withing three days of eachother. My
daughter was with me helping out to see to their comfort (her idea) both times.
She's better at handling loss than I am. My little boy is still to young to
understand much about it, but we tell him the truth about these things and he
takes it all in stride. We're going on day four where I can't get Tippy to eat
or drink anything and she is too week to do much more than lift her head once in
a while. She has cancer, so as much as I wish it were otherwise, I don't think
she'll be recovering. All of the other animals lover her too and this as bad on
them as it has been for me, especially the cats who always cuddled with her. Two
older cats adopted her as their own and would clean her as a kitten and then I'd
find just a pile of kitties all hugging and sleeping on my bed. The other
animals keep going to pay their respects and leaving her a little kiss every
once in a while. Tippy is dearly loved by all, including the stupid dogs.


Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you, Teresa.


Randy G said...

Our pets become our best friends, they never let us down. I said after Prudence died(and Niki, Kodi, and Bubba before her), no more, its too heartbreaking. And Mr. Zeke showed up needing a good home. Best wishes Zilla.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thanks, Randy. I have a Zeke too! He is another rescue, a big furry long haired
gray and white kitty that my husband rescued. We haven't met a stray yet that we
didn't give a home too, we also rescue injured wildlife and tend to them until a
professional rehabber can come to take them.


mRed said...

We can empathize and our thoughts, inadequate as they may be, are with you. Pets are family. Our condolences.

Adrienne said...

Awwwww - I'm so sorry to hear this. 

Tippy will be in heaven waiting for her family. 

Our oldest kitty is 17 (but so far doing really well.)  Our younger kitty picked us out over all the other people on the face of the earth to be her "forever family."  Aren't we blessed?

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you, Lisa. My little Tippy passed away today. I'll check out your video a little later, I need to put an icepack over my eyes right now as they are so swollen I can barely see anymore. I'll be OK though, the worst is over and she's joined others who loved her on the other side.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you, mRed.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Yes, it is indeed a blessing to have the love of a sweet pet. All my other pets were so nice, holding vigil in turns over Tippy & me. My kids were pretty great too, giving me hugs & tissues as needed. 

SignPainterGuy said...

Bless your heart MJ. Goodbye and rest well Tippy.


Necromancer7701 said...

Hi Zilla. I lost my big girl cat 2 years ago this past March 21st. She was at the vet's to have some teeth taken care of. Go here to see some nice cat pictures.

Helen Westover said...

Both of my cats are rescued.  That's the only way.
God bless and comfort you in your grief/

Hardnox said...

I'm sorry that you lost Tippy.  Animals provide us with a certain comfort that humans cannot since animals are purely instinctual.  That's what makes them so special.

I too mourn for your loss.

SignPainterGuy said...

From your pics....looks like a house full of fun !

ReaganiteRepublican said...

So sorry to hear it Zilla, we just went through similar cat episodes twice here- I am from a cat hating family, but my wife completely, 100% won me over to the other side, and it didn't take long lol

I'm allergic, too... and I still love 'em heh

"Tippy" was the name of our parakeet when I was a little kid...

Mind-Numbed Robot said...

Poor thing. God love you and your little kitteh. Pets are great gifts from the big man upstairs. Hang in there, Zilla. [[[hugggz]]]

Chris Wysocki said...


Zilla of the Resistance said...

I am sorry for your loss. As hard as it has been to see my baby fading and then lose her, I know from experience that it is far worse when it is unexpected like what happened to your kitty. (((hugs)))

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you, Helen. My husband is as bad as I am when it comes to taking in strays. That's why at one point we had 7 cats and 3 dogs! We now have five cats and two dogs, the others have crossed the rainbow bridge. We also rescue injured wildlife (we live in the country) including little mice that the cats haven't killed. I am well acquainted with using eyedroppers and tweezers to feed baby animals hourly and around the clock until the wildlife rehabilitator professionals can take them.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

It is more than instinct, I know this because each has their own personality and quirks. It is that they are pure souls, completely innocent and unconditionally loving.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you, RR. Once you get to know the lo0ve of a kitteh, you are converted. LOL I am dangerously allergic to birds, but when a baby bird falls into my care, there I am with gloves and a mask to care for them, and my asthma inhaler and allergy meds. LOL What's a little discomfort when it comes to love? I am sorry for your losses too.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you, Robot. I agree that they are gifts from heaven, my life is certainly better for their friendships.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you, Chris. I love the Rainbow Bridge poem, but if I read it, I become a hysterical mess, even if it isn't right after one of my furbabies dies. It is a beautiful piece. If I am fortunate enough to be reunited with all the pets I have loved in the afterlife, there will be a huge reunion as I have always had lots of pets, my parents, especially my dad, were as bad as I am when it comes to adopting every single stray to cross their path.

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